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We Offer the Finest 3D/4D HD Elective Ultrasound Experience
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Welcoming Place To Enjoy Your Ultrasound.

Look How Bigga Me strives to provide the best picture/ videos of your child in a fun and cozy environment while creating an elective ultrasound experience that will bring your family closer together.

Located in Bernville, Look How Bigga Me was inspired after seeing my niece, Charlotte through 4D/HD ultrasound, which was a great experience for our family. We loved getting a sneak peek of her little features which made it even more exciting to meet her. The staff here at our elective ultrasound studio pride ourselves on creating an opportunity where mom/dad and family too can experience this latest technology while connecting and forming a greater love with your unborn child.

Friendly Atmosphere Plus Quality Ultrasounds.

Our studio uses a 4D/HD high quality ultrasound machine to provide you with the best pictures out there. We are located right off Route 183 and share the building with our local furniture shop, De Antiek Winkel, who offer a nursery line for any furnishing needs. This is an easy to access location in a country setting.

We look forward to providing you with an experience you will never forget!

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A Little About Us & Our Studio

I think we all can agree that when you see your baby for the first time at an ultrasound, it is a moment we will never forget. This was no different when I saw my niece in 4D for the first time. It was amazing to see how much detail there was and how much she really did look like her 4D ultrasound pictures once she was born. After that moment and with the help of family, I made a switch in careers and we created a warm and welcoming 4D/HD ultrasound studio to help introduce others to their newest family member and create a special bond while they wait for their baby’s big arrival!

Our studio is a warm and welcoming environment as well as a great place to gather the whole family to share in this amazing ultrasound experience!

Since opening in 2018, we are proud to say we have scanned thousands of babies, and have added to our team, to help give everyone the best experience possible. We are so grateful for every one of our families that come to see us!

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Premium Elective 4D/HD Ultrasound Studio in Bernville, Berks County, PA