4D/HD Elective Ultrasounds Treatments Help With Anxieties

Many mothers suffer from anxiety during pregnancy. In fact, one recent study showed that 36% of women who opt for an elective ultrasound cite anxiety as their primary reason for getting one. This can be even more true for moms who have already undergone stressful fertility treatments or experienced complications with a past pregnancy.

Here at Look How Bigga Me, we want you to know that you’re not alone! There are many other women who are going through the same emotions that you are. That’s why we put together this brief guide for mothers who may suffer from anxiety due to their pregnancy.

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Whether your jumbled emotions are due to your pregnancy coupled with strains in your relationship or financial difficulties, worries about carrying your pregnancy to term, the anticipation of childbirth, or future childcare needs – that’s OK! Our 4D/HD elective ultrasound treatments can help allay some of your anxieties and help you put your mind at ease.

Why do Pregnant Women Have Anxiety?

In our years operating one of the leading elective ultrasound centers in Pennsylvania, we’ve come to realize that there are so many factors that can add stress to a pregnancy. Many first-time mothers simply feel anxiety about the birthing process. Others may have trepidations related to how a new baby might impact their relationships at home, with spouse and with other children.

We also see many women who have undergone fertility treatments and are new to making the transition to more traditional clinical care. They might have gone many months (or years) with frequent updates from a fertility clinic and its staff, and moving into the second trimester are uncertain what to expect as they feel more “on their own” when graduating to a regular OBGYN, than they did previously.  

Other common anxieties, questions, and concerns are:

Some Steps For You To Lessen Anxiety

Besides the recognition that many pregnant moms share your concerns, there are several ways to help lessen and control your feelings of anxiety. Many moms find deep breathing exercises, yoga, and meditation quite helpful. As with all new exercise routines, make sure you speak with your doctor to make sure any activity is safe for you and your pregnancy. Also consider walking more, reconnecting with friends, or a new hobby that takes your mind off of your fears.

In terms of other steps you can take, that’s where we come in! A 4D/HD elective ultrasound procedure can help confirm for you that your pregnancy is developing normally. This is especially true for women who have undergone fertility treatments or have dealt with prior complications in their pregnancies. We can’t tell you how many moms just wanted to hear their baby’s heartbeat, and how much better that made them feel. 

Meeting your baby, seeing your baby’s face, or sharing the ultrasound experience with loved ones can bring you peace of mind and bring you and your family closer together. Unlike a doctor’s office, we welcome children and grandparents to share in the experience. If nothing else, such a shared ultrasound experience helps to confirm in a mom’s mind that she really isn’t alone in this!

Choose Look How Bigga Me For Your 4D/HD Elective Ultrasound

When you are already anxious about your pregnancy, probably the last thing you want to do is venture into yet another clinical setting. That’s why we focus on providing a soothing atmosphere in a welcoming environment to our patients. The staff here at our elective ultrasound studio in Bernville, PA pride ourselves on creating an opportunity where mom/dad (and family too!) can experience the latest in 4D/HD technology while connecting and forming a greater love with their unborn child. Everything about the experience is centered around mom, and making her feel comfortable and safe. We can even customize your ultrasound package so the experience is exactly what you are hoping for! What are you waiting for?

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